About us


Reach new heights in biotechnology research, making biotechnology the main precision tool for establishing health equity and improving people’s welfare in the future.


Congruent with the mission of the university, the Biotechnology Health and Innovation Research Center promotes research, teaching, and service by:

1.Leading the research and education of professional technology related to people’s livelihood and health.

2.Establishing partnerships between the university and external industries in the area of people’s livelihood and health to strengthen academic efforts to improve health and quality of life.

3.Effectively transform information from biotechnology research into strategies to improve human health and quality of life.

4.Promote scientific inquiry to cultivate the next generation of practical scientific research leaders who can solve actual clinical or social health problems.

5.Establish evidence for education and practice through research to enrich the learning experience of students.

6.Strengthen the ability of teachers and students to develop and transform specific discipline and interprofessional knowledge.